Rupesh introducing Rupesh

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Rupesh is born and brought up in India. He did is schooling from a small town named Patna. Then he cleared the most difficult exam of India i.e JEE to get admissions into IIT.

He is fun loving guy. He likes to hangout with friends and watch movies.

He also likes to help friends, poor and deprived children.

Languages he can speak

  1. Dutch - Proficient
  2. English: Bilingual Proficiency
  3. Hindi - Native
  4. Spanish- Beginner

He can be described in two words : Technophile and Funophile

Educational Background

  1. B.Tech - year 2004 - 2008 IIT Roorkee
  2. 10+2 - Year 2003 - Patna
  3. 10th -Year 2001 Patna


  1. Technical Reading
  2. Watching Movies
  3. Hanging Out
  4. Travelling

Areas of Interest

  1. Cloud Technologies
  2. Mobile Technologies
  3. Anything new in Tech World

What I Love

  1. Family an Friends
  2. To dive deep into new technologies
  3. Innovation thru Technology
  4. Honesty
  5. Physics and Mathematics
  6. Google and StackOverflow
  7. Blogging -- Click here to go to my blog page
  8. Cycling and Walking
  9. Learn new lnaguages
  10. Myself: Sometimes I love myself

What I Hate

  1. Politics in Work
  2. To do non-value generating work
  3. Rush: Rush kill creativity
  4. Fake personalities
  5. Myself: Sometimes I hate myself

Person Details

  1. Date Of Birth: 18th Jan 1987
  2. Address: Amsterdam, Netherlands
  3. Gender: Male